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It’s easier than you think.

But, if you’re not sure yet here’s a few snippets about cigarettes and the smoking industry that you may want to think about before you decide whether or not to quit.

Each year the UK government receives income from smokers of about £9,000,000,000.  The estimated cost to the health service each year is about £3,000,000,000.  The difference goes into the Chancellor’s coffers to help balance the books. Despite the smoking ban in the UK from 1st July 2007, the government needs your money.

Cigarette manufacturers employ some of the most skilled and fantastically clever psychologists and pharmacologists in the world.  They design packaging, advertisements, campaigns and even the colour of the cigarettes themselves, all just to make you want them more.  If equally clever skills were turned around and used to good effect we would have a cigarette-free globe within a generation.

If cigarettes were invented today they would never be approved for human consumption.

Here’s one more thing, and it really is worth thinking about - cigarettes are a narcotic, a drug, so they must distort your perception to some degree.  Suppose there was a possibility that you actually really do want to quit but cigarettes are distorting your perception and impairing your judgment, just to make you think you enjoy smoking.  Of course, I may be wrong, and people who tell me they enjoy smoking could be right. After all, shoving dead leaves into a piece of paper, lighting the end of it and sucking acrid smoke into your lungs must have a pleasurable facet somewhere, or so many people wouldn’t do it, would they? I did it for many years and I thought I enjoyed it, but now I would hate it, so what’s different - what’s changed?

Even amongst the most experienced smoking cessation practitioners there is no agreement to the old argument – addiction or habit.  Having been a dedicated smoker of about 60 cigarettes each day for many years I can speak with some authority on the subject, and my answer is “I don’t know”.  The important thing is of course that it doesn’t matter,

I believe there are four main reasons why people smoke, even though they know it’s killing them.

Physical Addiction
Most, but not quite all, smokers are addicted to nicotine, and to the hundreds of chemical additives which the cigarette manufacturers put into each cigarette.  I believe those additives have one purpose only – to help you crave the next cigarette, and each additive has been approved by EU regulators.  That physical addiction can be overcome much more easily than you think – I’ll show you how.

Psychological Addiction
To some users of ‘recreational’ drugs their addiction is as real and powerful as any, but many of those drugs are not the least bit physically addictive, they merely result in psychological addiction.  Of course, psychological addiction may be as powerful as physical addiction – who is to say but the addict.  What is vital is the set of tools used to overcome that addiction, and talking to the unconscious through the use of hypnotherapy has proved to be more powerful, more long-lasting and more effective than any other method of smoking cessation (except for death) – I’ll show you how.

Do you smoke at the same time every day or whilst you have a cup of tea or after a meal or during lunch-break.  Many people do unhealthy, illogical and silly things every day, just because they always have.  When something has been part of your life for a very long time you may believe that it will be quite difficult to let it go, even if it is killing you.  But it could be easier than you think – I’ll show you why.

Most of us have an inbuilt fear of the unknown, and most smokers can’t remember how good life was as a non-smoker. What’s it going to be like, doing something different, going through that terrible business of quitting, being afraid of failing in their attempts to quit?  Most people don’t want to go through the process of quitting – they just want to wake up tomorrow as non-smokers. I’ll help you get rid of that fear.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which will make the process of quitting much easier than most people think, and some have even found it enjoyable.

I’m not anti-smoking at all, as long as nobody blows smoke at me, but I am able to help if you want to quit.  A meta analysis of the statistics gained from smoking cessation studies shows clearly that a good clinical hypnotherapy programme is the second most successful way to quit.  The first is being told that you have serious heart disease!